What Makes Online Casinos Different?

One might be excused for thinking that an online casino is exactly the same as a non virtual casino. This is because most people have been to a real casino at one point or another in their lives. The images they form at a real casino stick with them and color the way they imagine all casinos to be like. The truth, though, is that all casinos are a bit different from one another. This is how they compete with each other, whether on a casino strip, or in the world casino marketplace. Online casinos are even more different than what you might be accustomed to.

Online casinos have only been in existence for a few years. This already marks them as vastly different from old style casinos that have been around for hundreds of years. This means that online casinos are still in the process of establishing themselves and working at defining exactly what they are in the world of gambling. Only recently, did online casinos even begin to be a regulated business, with licenses granted by governments for their operation.

The truth is that there are many online casinos that still operate without a license. Anyone can put up a casino website, but not everyone can be licensed. Licensing is a long and difficult process that requires the casino to adhere to a long list of standards. Any unlicensed casino should be avoided at all cost. The best casinos, such as the popular JackpotCity Casino are licensed in Europe.

The main difference that is immediately apparent between online casinos and physical casinos is that all the games run on software, like video games. This might seem shocking at first. One might argue that software can be rigged or it is not a good way to simulate random results, or there might be a multitude of other objections. However, the moment one realizes that software based gambling is a standard at physical casinos, all such fears should be put to rest. Every slot machine today, and every video poker machine in every casino in the world runs on software not unlike what one would find at an online casino. This is not new, and should not be feared. Casino software has been perfected over many years, and is as reliable as physics in generating random results.

Online casinos have no good reason to cheat their customers. These are legitimate businesses that generate yearly revenues valued in the trillions of dollars. To protect their best interest, online casinos strive for honest play and customer satisfaction. They do not want to be shut down for dishonest play, because that would mean massive losses for them in the long term.

To ensure that the casinos are fair, there are third party companies whose sole purpose is to check the software the casino uses. They use complex auditing systems and also check all the casinos’ books and records to make sure there are no major financial problems or significant numbers of complaints. This is a monthly prerequisite for casinos that are licensed. If an online casino were to miss even one of these monthly audits it would lose its license, which would have dire consequences for the casino financially.

The way the games actually work is that they are designed to run as software that runs on a particular platform. There are four major software platform providers, which are outlined on the homepage. The software operates like a standard video game, and will run on most machines. It differs from video games in the sophistication of the programs under the surface.

Many of the software providers also constantly push the technological envelope to provide a gaming experience that is always striving to be closer and closer to reality. Nowadays, three dimensional graphics for viewing with 3D glasses are standard for computers that can support the technology. There are also live dealer casinos that employ actual human beings players can interact with. As technology advances, the experience converges and becomes closer to what people expect from physical casinos.

The most significant difference for players at online casinos is the fact that online casinos offer vastly improved odds of winning. Because the overhead on an online casino generally only includes a software license, servers, and a customer support staff, operating costs are much lower than those at physical casinos. This means that the online casinos can afford to knock their house edge to just a sliver and many of the games feel as though the odds are quite even for the player versus the house. Often, the difference amounts to just 0.3%.

Another major difference between real casinos and virtual casinos is the lack of perks such as free cocktails and magic shows. The magic shows are a loss, admittedly, but the free cocktails are actually designed to impair judgment so that patrons will spend more money. On the other hand, players at online casinos play in the low stress environment of their own home and are not under pressure that might push them to make bad decisions. The perks are compensated for in the form of a generous casino bonus.

Each time a player at an online casino deposits money, the casino will match that amount with bonus cash. This can be used to make larger wagers and to supply additional bankroll. It is a significant advantage for cash strapped players who would otherwise have to give up prematurely during a bad losing streak.

CasinoEuro is the most stellar example of a Microgaming powered casino. As far as online casinos go, it is a relative newcomer, having been established in 2009. It is an elegant and polished package that exemplifies the European aesthetic values. The graphics are exceptional, and the atmosphere created is as authentic as it gets for an online casino. CasinoEuro quickly established itself as an industry leader with EU licensing, and a wide variety of perks and bonuses that set it apart from its competition.

Playing casino games online is certainly a different experience than playing in the real world setting. It is absolutely worthwhile, however, as it is much easier to win, and the environment is extremely relaxed. Most professional gamblers today opt for the comfort of online casinos as opposed to the prying eyes and high stress environment of real casinos.