Live Dealer Casino Software: Old Is New Again

It used to be that casino software meant one thing. For many years, casino software was a simple graphical simulation that showed specific data sets and tried to simulate random events. This was the case until online casino software became sophisticated enough to actually provide true random results, and computer technology got powerful enough to display highly detailed and realistic graphics on top of the random number generator. For the decade following the new generation of casino software an arms race ensued in which casino software providers struggled to create more and more realistic graphics. But graphics simulations can only go so far. Nothing is more real than real.

This is where the concept of live dealer casinos developed. Since nothing can truly simulate reality, then why not just bring the real to the desktop? The basic concept is that live dealer casinos set up an actual casino floor with real dealers and feed the stream directly to players' computers in real time. This way players can directly interact with a real game that's going on remotely through their computer. It seems like an obvious solution, but unfortunately computer technology proved to be insufficiently sophisticated for the seemingly simple task of bringing the analog to the digital screen up until just a few short years ago. Look at it so lively and upscale at one of many Canadian Online Casinos.

The top internet based casinos today all proudly feature live dealer casinos. We recommend you head over to Spin Palace if you want to see for yourself what these look like. The technology is still new, so most casinos struggle with the ability to provide a seat to everyone who wants to play with real human beings in front of them, but it is the current craze, and it appears that this is the direction in which the industry is headed. After all, no amount of digital arms escalation has been able to sufficiently cross the barrier of what separates the real from the artificial.

Live dealer casinos take the game a step further into the perfect play environment than even the best physical casino could. They take the casino experience and distill it to its essence and idealize it. The environments are clean and appealing. There are no crowds or distractions. No angry people blaming others for their losses. The dealers are selected to be exceedingly beautiful. This is the Platonic ideal of what a casino should be. And it is only available through an internet casino provider that is wired for live dealer gaming. It is important to check before signing up for CasinoEuro.

What makes live dealer casinos very interesting is that the computer magic is done remotely and streamed to the user's access point. This means that the heavy lifting is done by the casino's servers, freeing the computer resources locally. Most computers can handle live casino games. In fact, the live casino can be experienced independently of the platform. Macs and PCs both can handle the task, as can an ipad, android tablet, or smartphone.

Live dealer casinos operate in a rather simple workflow. There are no graphics or special effects involved. Everything is 100% real. The dealers are real and they are fully engaged with the players. Each table is equipped with a series of high resolution cameras that feed the dealer and the game through the internet. The feed flows through the online casino operator, which acts as an intermediary, transferring funds back and forth invisibly. All this happens without being obvious or apparent. The online casino is essentially a licensee, and the live dealer casino is independently operated. The player is the end user. the fact that the game flows through three parties in real time and without skipping a beat is where the real magic lies.

The infrastructure for such an operation is the true barrier to entry for most casinos. The bandwidth, the heavy computing. All these things are done on remote servers. The end user's computer is actually working with a streaming image while the processing is done at the casino's end. There are two major providers of live dealer casinos--Evolution Gaming and Entwine Tech. The software infrastructure, unsurprisingly, generally comes from either Microgaming or Playtech, two of the most important casino software providers in the world..

Because of the technical difficulties and the fact that live dealer gaming is a recent development, games are less varied than what one would expect in the average online casino. Players can expect blackjack, baccarat, roulette and sicbo. While this does not offer a lot of variety, it is representative of the most popular table games a casino might offer.

Sitting on a commuter train, playing blackjack against the most beautiful woman you have ever seen directly from your telephone is an experience that can only be described as futuristic. Yet the future is firmly grounded in the old. In the need for human interaction. It appears as though the future is firmly grounded in the analog world. The digital world, ironically simply serves to facilitate people's ability to reconnect to each other.